Down Stroke Balers Price Request

Down Stroke BalersVertical compacting balers are the ideal solution whenever it’s necessary to reduce the volume and size of paper, cardboard, plastics, various packaging, PE and PET bottles. Moley Magnetics, Inc. Down Stroke Balers’ are equipped with a tying and ejection system. Also, standard manual compaction cycle models can be fitted for automatic compaction cycling.

Suitable Compaction Of:
• Packaging
• Paper and Cardboard
• Plastic
• PE and PET bottles
• Aluminum Cans
• Tires
• Bumpers & Tanks from Scrap Vehicles

Moley Stokkermill Granulators- Turbo Series Price Request

Wire Granulators

Moley Magnetics is proud to be a distributor for Stokkermill Wire Granulators in the United States and Canada.  Some would say your business owning a Stokkermill Wire Granulator could become the most important fixed asset investment you’ll ever make due to its incredible fast R.O.I.!.

SM 1100 COMPACTSTANDARD  Moley Magnetics, Inc. distributes several different models of Stokkermill Standard Copper or Aluminum Wire Granulators. These machines are capable of shredding and separating large quantities of cables while guaranteeing ease of use, low maintenance and high operating efficiency. The range of copper wire granulator’s start at simple hand fed mills combined with an air bed separator to split the granulated copper from the plastic casing.

Moley Stokkermill Granulators-SM SeriesPrice Request

3000 turboTURBO The addition of a “turbo” device or refiner, can increase productivity of a granulator mill by 20-30%. By changing the geometry of the cable being processed Stokkermill Turbo Granulators allow operators to maximize material processing therefore creating greater profit.

Moley Stokkermill Granulators- Turbo SeriesPrice Request

Wire Strippers

Granulators - Wire StrippersHigh quality and efficient equipment. Offered in three models: 1600, 33100 & 51700, Treatment of cables up to 6 inches & Units allow high returns with no waste.

Moley Stokkermill Granulators- Turbo SeriesPrice Request


The Stokkermill Single Shaft Pre-Shredders are designed for reduction of various materials into a more desirable or useful size. Stokkermill Pre-Shredders can be used for crushing copper/aluminum insulated wires or for grinding of rubber, plastics, wood, composites and paper.

Moley Stokkermill Pre-ShreddersPrice Request

Vibrations Tables / Screens

To recover granules or copper dust hidden in plastic after the processing of cables, a vibrating screen may be used. Vibrating tables allow separation to achieve a pure product in 99% but in some cases it may invest in a sieve to remove filaments and copper powders which remain enclosed to the plastic. The use of a vibration screen reduces the amount of hidden copper in the waste stream; Therefore maximizing recovery rates.

Moley Stokkermill Vibrating Tables ScreensPrice Request


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