Scrap Industry


The scrap industry has many unique and demanding applications for magnet systems. Moley offers a variety of different styles of Scrap Magnets, attachments and equipment that are designed for top operational efficiency and lasting durability.  Using a magnet to gather only the material you want to load is an effective, inexpensive tool that can help increase profits.

Stokermill Granulator 1100
• Granulates Copper/Aluminum
• 99.9% Clean Material
• Maximize Wire Profits
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Excavator Orange Peel Grapple
Excavator/Crane Orange Peel Grapples• For all Types of Scrap Applications
• Sizes from .16  – 2.6 cubic yards
• 4, 5 and 6 Tine Configurations

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230-Volt Scrap Magnets (ESM)
Moley Magnetics INC 230 Volt Scrap Magnets 1• Sizes: 26″ to 64″
• Lifting Capability up to 25,300 lbs.
• In stock – Ready for Delivery
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Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Scrap Magnets (ESA)
• 5-Minute Install
• No Generator Needed
• Decrease Labor Costs
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2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnets (ESA)
• A Magnet that Digs
• 32″ – 60″ Available
• Hook-Up & Go
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Granulator Video

Orange Grapple video



Moley Magnetics Inc. is pleased to offer equipment leasing for all of our products. Visit our Equipment Leasing page for more information.

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