Tire King XL

Tire King XLPrice Request

The Moley Tire King XL is used for the removal and separation of tires from rims. The Moley Tire King XL is able to remove aluminum and steel rims up to 22’’. The low cost, ease of use and reduced labor make the Moley Tire King XL a profit center.

The Process:
A) The wheel is positioned by the operator on the work surface. The operator may process steel or aluminum wheels up to 22“.

B) When operator starts the process, the protection shield automatically covers the wheel while processing. The rim is pushed out from the wheel leaving the tire on the work surface. The rim falls through center of the rack and exits via the inner slide to the floor.

C) At the end of the cycle the protective shield is automatically raised and the operator can start a new cycle. The time required for the wheel/tire separation is 20 sec.

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