Truck-Crane Grapples

Truck-Crane Grapples

Truck-Crane Grapples MPOS-P

A wide range of Truck-Crane Grapples specifically designed to limit the weight and bulk of the tool without neglecting the capacity to collect, resistance to the toughest jobs, all while maintaining all the quality characteristics of the products Moley.

Moley Magnetics Inc. offers durable and long lasting Moley Truck-Crane Grapples because they are constructed with HARDOX and WELDOX certified steel. The rods are chromium-plated and hardened and the hinges are made of hardened steel alloys. The tips of the blades are made of special wear-proof steel.

Moley Truck-Crane Grapples are built specifically for boom trucks and mini excavators these grapples are available from .18 to .5 cu yards, 4,5 and 6 tine configuration, with or without rotation.

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