Yellow Excavator Scrap Shear


Efficiency is critical in recycling operations to maximize productivity and minimize operational costs. This case study explores how the integration of the Moley Excavator Scrap Shear improved efficiency and streamlined operations at a leading recycling facility.



The Recycling Facility, a prominent player in metal recycling, encountered challenges in processing large volumes of scrap metal efficiently. Their primary shear was not reliable, leading to bottlenecks and reduced throughput. Seeking a reliable, safe, and effective solution, the Recycling Facility explored various equipment options and decided to integrate the Moley Excavator Scrap Shear into their operations.



The integration of the Moley Excavator Scrap Shear represented a significant milestone in the Recycling Facility’s pursuit of operational excellence. Strategically positioned within the facility, the scrap shear seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. Moley provided comprehensive training to operators, ensuring optimal utilization and safety compliance.



The introduction of the Moley Excavator Scrap Shear resulted in tangible improvements in efficiency, safety, and productivity:


  • Fast Cycle Times: In scrap processing, time efficiency is crucial. The Moley Magnetics Excavator Scrap Shear is meticulously engineered to optimize productivity with rapid cycle times. Its quick jaw opening and closing speeds enable the recycling facility to process a larger volume of materials in less time, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, due to downtime and performance issues with their old shear, when the recycling company replaced it with a Moley shear that was in stock, it allowed them to resume operations quickly. Our ability to deliver the shear promptly minimized downtime and increased the volume of scrap processed each day, thanks to its reliability.
  • Durability: Recycling operations require strength and endurance, which is why our excavator scrap shear is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Constructed from high-quality materials and engineered with a reinforced cylinder and a fully enclosed upper body, our shear is designed for longevity. It can endure daily use and withstand the impact of heavy-duty scrap materials, ensuring consistent performance and reliability over time. The recycling company was experiencing downtime with their previous shear. Our shears run every day with regular maintenance, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Cutting Force: Our excavator scrap shear shines when cutting through a diverse range of scrap materials. The hardened piercing tip of the upper jaw maximizes productivity when piercing is necessary.  Equipped an optimized jaw design, it delivers remarkable cutting force, effortlessly slicing through thick steel beams and various other materials, efficiently processing even the toughest scrap the previous shear couldn’t.
  • Versatility: Our Excavator Scrap Shear is a versatile attachment that seamlessly mounts onto a variety of excavator models. This adaptable design allows for a multitude of applications, including demolition, recycling, and material handling. Whether in construction, metal processing, or waste management, our shear serves as the ideal tool to streamline operations and maximize efficiency and is even used on more than one excavator in the recycling yard.




The integration of the Moley Excavator Scrap Shear proved transformative for the Recycling Facility, delivering significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, safety and operational agility. By leveraging innovative technology, the facility achieved streamlined processing workflows, reduced operational costs, and enhanced competitiveness in the recycling industry. This case study highlights the critical role of advanced equipment solutions in driving operational excellence and sustainable growth in recycling operations.


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