Air Conditioning Theft

Air Conditioning Theft  | The demand for copper is creating an increase in copper-theft crimes. Theft of air conditioning units has become increasingly popular and is on the rise because of the copper and aluminum contained within them. There’s number one and number two copper, a lot of copper on our air conditioners is number one copper and the ac units will be taken to a local scrapping company.  (more…)

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Scrap Specifications Circular

Approved by the ISRI nonferrous division and board of directors, the new specification states that, “Thorn—Aluminum Breakage shall consist of alu­minum with miscel­laneous contaminants like iron, dirt, plastic, and other types of con­taminants.

The ”Scrap Specifications Circular” is an important tool for the global recycling industry, notes Joe Pickard, ISRI’s chief economist and director of commodities. ‘As the range of commercially recyclable commodities continues to evolve, ISRI’s specifications are frequently reviewed and updated to reflect what is actually being traded in the scrap marketplace. This new specification will serve to bring more clarity to an important aluminum scrap grade that was not previously covered under ISRI specifications.’


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