Moley Magnetics & Equipment recognizes the challenges faced by scrapyards, demolition contractors, and the railroad sector in attaining operational efficiency, safety, and dependable solutions. We offer the attachment solutions to address your needs, showcasing our hydraulic scrap magnets, sorting claw magnets, magnet grapples, excavator magnets, battery magnets, magnet generator sets, and shears. Each product is meticulously designed to guarantee ongoing productivity on the job. At the core of our mission is a commitment to contribute to your success. Contact our experts today!



Whether you need to lift and transport ferrous materials, such rebar or scrap metal, our  Magnets available in 230 volt, battery, fully enclosed hydraulic and fully enclosed hydraulic with claws provide a reliable solution that can be quickly and conveniently deployed.

Hydraulic Generators

This generator system is powerful, innovative, safe and maintenance-free. These generators are highly durable, electronically controlled brush-less synchronous generators. They are highly reliable and designed for continuous operation. Also available in belt drive configuration.

Hydraulic Magnet Generator



Our grapples effortlessly lift and move loose material and waste. This grapple line was created as a result of years of experience in handling scrap and bulk materials, attention to customer needs, and technical solutions developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers.Orange Peel Grapple

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When to A Use Hydraulic Magnet for Excavator

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Moley Magnetics is the industry-leading magnetics manufacturer and lifting magnet supplier in North America. We offer a complete inventory of large industrial magnets, grapples, shears, and granulators to customers across various industries such as scrap, demolition, recycling, and distribution. Additionally, we sell and provide electric motor repair services in our Lockport, NY, headquarters, and custom motor fabrication services to clients nationwide.