Lee Farms Excavating Recycles More with the Moley ESA Magnet System.

LEE Farms Excavating Inc. specializes in all things Demolition and Excavating. Lee Farms was founded in 1979 and serves all of the continental United States. At LEE Farms, they do their best to recycle as much material as possible for all of their demolition projects. They developed a desire to become more efficient when sorting through concrete and rebar. That is when they reached out to Moley Magnetics.

Moley recommended the Moley Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Scrap Magnet System (ESA). This system is a completely self-contained unit and operates off an auxiliary circuit. The ESA Magnet System installs in 5 minutes – just hook it up to two whips and the magnet is running. This makes switching between attachments for the excavator operator fast and easy.

LEE Farms started out with a 42” ESA Magnet System. Today they own a 42”, 50” and 60” ESA Magnet System. To learn how the Moley ESA Magnet System can assistant with your sorting needs, visit our webpage at moleymagneticsinc.com/fully-enclosed-hydraulic-scrap-magnets

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