Monsour Medical Center Demolition

Demolition moves along by Dore & Associates Contracting Inc. on the Monsour Medical Center along Route 30 in Jeannette on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015.

Monsour Medical Center Demolition | The Monsour Medical Center, located in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1952 by Howard, Roy, Robert and William Monsour as a roadside clinic in “Senator Brown’s Mansion” along U.S. Route 30. In October of 2015, county commissioners awarded a $1.1 million contract to Dore & Associates of Michigan to remove asbestos and other hazardous materials on the 6.4-acre site. Jason Rigone, executive director of the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corp., which is overseeing the demolition, said removal of asbestos from two buildings near Pennsylvania Avenue has been completed. The buildings contained asbestos floor tiles and adhesives that had to be removed before the structures could be torn down. Asbestos removal on the main facilitys distinctive multistory tower will continue as demolition begins on the smaller buildings, Rigone said.

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