230-Volt Scrap Magnets (ESH)

230-Volt Scrap Magnets (ESH) Moley 230-Volt Scrap Magnet (ESH) are robust, heavy-duty deep field magnets manufactured for the most rigorous demands. ESH Scrap Magnets are the strongest and most durable magnet we manufacture. These scrap magnets are deep wound for applications when you need the strongest magnetic field.

Looking to lift coils of steel, large slabs or high mass pieces of iron? Then this magnet system is the right choice for your application. The ESH Magnet is ideal for steel mill applications and other heavy duty jobs.

Features of ESH Scrap Magnet

• Sizes available from 42” — 60”
• Lifting capability of 3,800 lb
• Low maintenance
• Deep wound for increased field and lifting capacity