American Recycler News: Equipment Spotlight | MAR 2014 Attachments (Moley ESB 24V Magnet)

American Recyler News magazine featured an equipment attachment article highlighting our 24-Volt Battery Scrap Magnets (ESB) in their March 2014 issue.

[pullquote]Using a magnet to gather only the material you want to load is an effective, inexpensive tool that can help increase profits.[/pullquote]

“Moley Magnetics manufactures scrap yard magnets, shears and grapples. Moley staff members often hear about two challenges that face most scrap recycling facilities: preventing the loss of tons of scrap to the dirt surface found in most facilities, and avoiding the loading of dirt into trucks meant to carry only scrap metal. Ron Slaby, sales manager, explained, “In either scenario, and after the bulk of the material is collected, operators then usually have an employee hand-pick and/or dig up what remains, or use a magnet to collect whatever scrap remains.


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