American Recycler News Equipment Spotlight: Moley MagStar generators

Moley Magnetics is a manufacturer of scrap yard magnets, shears, grapples and magnet controllers/generators. “I think most would agree that magnets are a crucial part of most ferrous recycling operations and as such the purchase and maintenance of magnets is a major focus. However, magnets aren’t a viable tool without a proper generator and controller,” Ron Slaby, vice president of sales, stated.

So, what does one look for from a generator and magnet controller? “In the past, they have been large, expensive, hard to maintain and offered little versatility. Moley Magnetics offers a solution to these issues. Our MagStar hydraulic or diesel generator is the latest development in low cost, modular controllers that offer the owner variable magnet operation programs – as well as built-in fault identification and an operational log,” Slaby said.  (more…)

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