US Aluminum Waste and Scrap Exports Surged 20%

The latest trade statistics published by the US Census Bureau indicates considerable increase in the country’s exports of Aluminum waste and scrap during the initial ten-month period of the current year.

The top five destinations of US aluminum waste and scrap shipments were China, South Korea, Canada, Mexico and India. The combined exports to the above five market destinations totaled $1.54 billion, accounting for 85% of all aluminum waste and scrap exports by the US through October this year.

China imported $945.8 million of aluminum waste and scrap from the US during this period. The imports during this period have already surpassed the total imports of $768.14 million during the entire year 2016. The imports from Canada totaled $477.9 million, accounting for just nearly 56% of total imports. The imports from the above five countries accounted for nearly 86% of the total imports by the US during the ten month period from January to October this year.

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