Progress marches on, and if you’re old or decrepit or not passing code anymore, expect to have a crew of highly trained demolition experts march in and blast you to atoms. There’s something in watching things get destroyed that scratches a primal itch in the human psyche. To build something new, something old must go. Obviously we’re genetically wired to build—to further the survival of us as a species and our bloodline in particular, and humanity has done a damn fine job with that. These are some of the most ambitious, technically difficult, or just plain cool to look at.

Trojan Tower (1 of 10) Of all the things that could instill panic in a demolition worker, blowing up the cooling tower of a nuclear power plant is pretty high on the list.

Metrodome (2 of 10) professional sports became a zillion-dollar industry, athletes and team owners started demanding that the cities that hosted them provide swankier facilities than the aging concrete stadiums that had worked fine for so long.

Walk Centre (3 of 10) It dwarfed their neighbors and by 2010 structural problems caused both buildings to become uninhabitable.

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