Get Pumped for Peerless Pumps!

Moley Magnetics is a proud authorized Peerless Pump distributor in Upstate & Western New York!  With an impressive 100 years and counting in business, Peerless Pump is the leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical pumps with installations in commercial buildings, municipal facilities, industrial warehouse, manufacturing, and all aspects of the power and energy market.

We offer all types of Peerless Pumps for sale, including horizontal and vertical pumps that have the reliability and durability to  be used in a variety of industries and applications. Some markets that Peerless Pumps are most often used in include:  industrial, municipals, process, commercial, energy, and agriculture. Our products offer innovative solutions to meet modern day pumping needs!

Let us help find the right solution for your application.

Self Priming Pump
Process Paper Stock – Slurry Pump
Horizontal Split-Case Single-Stage Double Suction Pump
Heavy-Duty Process ANSI B73.1 Pump
Horizontal Pump

Horizontal Pumps

  • Split case, Single-stage pumps in discharge sizes from 2”-24”
  • Split case, Multi-stage pumps with 2-5 stages
  • End suction pumps for general purpose
Vertical Turbine

Vertical Turbine Pumps

  • Vertical turbine pumps, close coupled single-stage or multi-stage available
  • Mixed flow pumps for large pumping jobs
  • Axial flow pumps for handling large volumes of water
  • Submersible pumps, close coupled with submersible motors
  • Vertical sumps pumps for sewage and wastewater
  • Vertical fire pumps
Peerless-LaBour Ansi B73.1

Process Pumps

  • Peerless/LaBour Taber ANSI pumps – LaBour LVA & LaBour TFA
  • Self-Primer pump
  • Vertical sump pumps
  • Paper stock pumps
  • Vertical close-coupled single or multi-stage turbine pumps
  • Horizontal split case single-stage
  • Vertical sump pump
  • Multi-stage horizontal split case multi-stage pumps