Electric Generator

In addition to our industry-leading magnet offerings, Moley Magnetics provides a range of other industrial equipment offerings for our customers across North America. Moley proudly distributes world-class electric generators from Gillette. These generators are built to last and come in natural gas or diesel-powered configurations ranging from 7.5kw to 800kw.

Standby Generators

We supply standby generators powered either by gas or diesel for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. These generators are the perfect power solution for health care institutions, hotels, medical centers, and office buildings. Industrial diesel standby generators efficiently serve wastewater, data center, oil and gas, municipal bid spec, and other specialized markets

Portable Generators

For those who want and need the very best portable generators, Moley Magnets has you covered with our product offerings. These generators feature reduced vibration, circuit interrupters, 20% smaller size than comparable products, and cast-iron cylinder sleeves.

Prime Generators

These generators were engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and are built to operate within continuous cycles. Perfect for remote oil and gas operations, these generators provide power levels ranging from 60kw to 600kw, so you’re sure to find a prime generator that will suit your unique project specifications.

The Moley Experience

Our generators are ideal for diverse markets including wastewater, institutional, commercial, industrial, oil/gas, telecom, military, and high-end residential. No matter what you require, the team at Moley Magnetics is fully equipped to get you what you need. Call us today and get the best and most reliable generator sales and repair solutions! We have a decades-long track record of providing only the best service and products to our customers across North America.

Call (844) 662-4638 or email us at info@moleyinc.com for more information.