Efficient and durable attachments/equipment.

Moley Magnetics has excavator scrap magnets, mobile hydraulic shears, low cost 24-volt magnets, alligator shears, wire granulators, de-rimmers, and drainage systems.

  • Magnets: 24-volt or 230-volt excavator magnets, ranging from 18” to 72” in diameter.
  • Generators: Hydraulic, belt or diesel motor-driven DC magnet generators.
  • Grapples: 4- or 5-tine orange peel excavator grapples or orange peel magnet grapples from ¼ to 2.5 yards in diameter.
  • Excavator Shears: High quality shears for everything from skid steers to the largest excavator.
  • Alligator Shears: Process many materials from non-ferrous metal to ¾” rebar for trimming or processing.
  • Wire Granulators: Granulate copper or aluminum wire in order to maximize wire profits.