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Moley Magnetics—in partnership with John Crane, the industry-leading mechanical pump seal manufacturer—provides customers with a complete range of John Crane mechanical seals for pumps. Designed to provide reliable durability and safe handling, these seals are especially common in industrial operations that involve extremely challenging conditions, such as oil refining or chemical processing. However, John Crane mechanical seals for pumps can be just as useful for small-scale and at-home projects too. Some examples of non-industrial usage include refrigeration, water filtration, and water control. Our selection of performance-proven mechanical seals includes single mechanical seals, double mechanical seals, pump seals, compressors seals, turbine seals, and more. For assistance with selecting the correct John Crane pump seal solution for your application, contact

  • Dry Gas Seals
  • Elastomer Bellow Seals
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Pipeline Seals
  • Non-Contacting
  • O-Ring Pusher
  • PTFE Bellows
  • PTFE Wedge Seals
  • Slurry Seals
  • Split Seals
  • Vessel and Agitator Seals
  • Wet Gas Seals 
    • Elastomer Bellow Seals 
      • Known for high performance and reliability 
    • Metal Bellow Seals 
      • Including welded metal bellows, API seals, cartridge seals, dry-running seals, and more! 
    • Non-Contacting Seals 
      • Including gas-lubricated and dual cartridge seals for pumps and high-temperature applications 
    • O-ring Pusher Seals 
      • Known for their precision-engineered seal design and high-temperature applications use 
    • PTFE Bellow Seals 
      • Engineered for maximum reliability in corrosive environments 
    • PTFE Wedge Seals 
      • Including shaft-mounted seals and general-purpose DIN, balanced, multi-spring seals 
    • Slurry Seals 
      • Well-known for reliability in the mining and minerals industry and others 
    • Split Seals 
      • Split mechanical seals, including O-ring seals, elastomer bellow seals, and mixer seals 
    • Vessel and Agitator Seals 
      • Including dry-running mixer seals, modular, and gas-lubricated seals 

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