Recycling Machines

Moley Magnetics is a proud distributor of high-quality Stokkermill scrap recycling equipment. Stokkermill provides innovative machines and plants for grinding, granulating, shredding, and separating non-ferrous metal scrap.  Their ease-of-use makes it possible to effectively recover valuable commodities, such as precious metals. Stokkermill’s development model designs every detail of the machine and the assembly & final control procedures guarantee excellent levels of efficiency, quality, and reliability that meet the standards applicable in different countries of use, such as Nema, UL-CSA.

Shredding, Granulation, or Separation Machines: 

  • Cable Granulators
  • Single-Shaft Shredders
  • Twin-Shaft Shredders
  • Impact Mills
  • Hammer Mills
  • E-Motorchop
  • Separators
  • Complementary Equipment
  • Vertical Presses

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Moley Magnetics is proud to announce our new partnership with John Crane in New York State! More information coming soon! Please contact us at