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Shredding plastic waste is critical in the recycling industry and our Stokkermill line of industrial shredders provides high quality equipment using the latest technologies for outstanding performance and reliability.

The goal of recycling plastics is to transform IT into a homogeneous material by sorting, washing, shredding, and granulating it for use in extrusion processes – all without creating any polluting elements. In supporting plastic shredding plants, Stokkermill equipment can handle a variety of plastics, including automotive and production waste, carpet, containers, crates, film, insulation, plastic decking, PET bottles, and textile fibers.

Stokkermill plastic shredding solutions include:

  • Bumpers, dashboards, tanks, and other automotive plastics
  • Irrigation pipes, containers, barrels and plastic bins
  • Plastic waste from the food industry
  • Industrial or agricultural films
  • PET and PE containers
  • Polypropylene such as large bags
  • Carpets

Primary Twin-Shaft Shredder | D-Stokkermill

Primary Industrial shredders | Industrial twin shaft shredders and rotary shears | First-Phase volumetric reduction of metals and electronic waste (WEEE).

stokkermill twin shaft shredder

Stokkermill’s range of Industrial twin-shaft shredders , electric or hydraulic, have been designed to process many types of materials, primarily the first-phase of volumetric reduction. The specially-designed blades, combined with production parameter control in the industrial shredder, lets customers control the size of the material in the output. The D series industrial primary shredders are extremely versatile and made for heavy use. They’re the result of a cutting-edge technology and design that led to highly efficient and versatile machines.

Stokkermill industrial twin-shaft shredders are made in several configurations, sizes and powers and are ideal for the volumetric reduction and roughing of:

  • Scrap and electronic material waste (WEEE)
  • Vehicle demolition scrap (bumpers, tanks, dashboards, sheet metal)
  • Metal, plastic, wood, paper and cardboard
  • Electric cables
  • PFU from used tires
  • Miscellaneous metal cans
  • Composite materials
  • Other general industrial waste


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