Download:  Moley Magnetics – Railroad Brochure

Railroad Maintenance Equipment

The railway is one of the most important transport systems in the world, which is why Moley Magnetics is proud to be a diversified manufacturer capable of providing high-quality railroad repair equipment such as high-quality railroad magnets and grapple attachments. As railroad equipment suppliers, Moley provides the railroad industry with quick-connect systems (round/square), safety holding valves, and are constructed with Hardox steel.

We take pride in being a reliable railroad equipment supplier, which is why our railroad repair equipment is built to the standards of Class 1, short line and contractor standards. Our 24-volt railroad magnets are the class of the field. Our tools improve production and reduce costly downtime.

  • Grapples: HARDOX built, include 24-month warranty. Bypass or butt style excavator and truck crane grapples.
  • Magnets: 24-volt magnets, 230-volt magnets and hydraulic magnets are the best value with 24-month warranties.
  • Rail Breakers: Moley Magnetics heavy duty rail breaker will fit 20-ton or larger excavators. Save money, save time and work safer.
  • Tilt Rotators: Our tilt rotators allow you to work more and move your machine less. Include 24-month warranty.