AC Motor Speed Controls

You can find electric motor speed control units in a diverse range of applications, and they’re traditionally powered by one of two power sources. Some of the applications you can find them in include—but are not limited to—industrial fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools, household appliances, power tools, and disk drives. For each of these appliances, the power source will be a direct current (DC), such as household batteries, or an alternating current (AC) power source, like an ethernet cable or spark plug. Maintaining a direct current power source can be as simple as changing out old batteries for new ones. However, alternating current power source maintenance isn’t always as easy, which is why Moley Magnetics offers reliable alternating current powered electric motor speed control unit repair services.

Why Choose Moley Magnetics?

Technicians who have years of experience in building and repairing alternating current components perform all our AC motor speed control maintenance services. Additionally, we only source the best repair components from suppliers like Eaton, Cutler Hammer, Little Fusem, and WorldWide Electric. We even teamed up with WorldWide Electric and Hyundai to create a line of high-quality electrical apparatuses such as gear reducers, explosion proofs, and variable frequency drives.

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