Peace Lutheran Church, in Baldwin, Wis., was torn down this past week.

A stately red-brick church that towered over a small town in western Wisconsin for 109 years has reached the end of its days, despite an effort by some in the community to save it.

According to a published report, the vote was 113 to 19 to “deconstruct” the 109 year-old local landmark known as “Old Red Brick Church”. Since 1905, the building has stood just south of I-94 on the west side of Highway 63 and the intersection of CTY N in rural Baldwin. The same report also states there are to be some provisions to the motion allowing for salvage and preservation of the salvaged items.

Construction of the Peace Lutheran Church in Baldwin, MI began in 1905 and was completed in 1907. Services were held there until 2009, when a new building went up. Since then, the old building had been unused.

A majority of Peace Lutheran’s congregation have deemed the building unsafe and unusable. The repairs needed to keep the building upright would have cost roughly $250,000.

The demolition “just had to be done,” Rev. John Hanson said, adding that he believes the new building will better serve Peace Lutheran’s congregation.

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