Moley Claw Magnet has an easy installation, comes in various sizes (32”- 60”) and it is simple to hook-up & go.

Sandhill Recycling, LLC is a Florida based land fill that contains mostly C and D materials. Before Moley Magnetics sold them the Sorting Claw Magnet (ESB), Sandhill Recycling were recovering about one 20-yard container filled scrap metal every couple of weeks. Now, with the Moley Sorting Claw Magnet (ESB) they are recovering three 20-yard containers per week of scrap metal. In addition to Sandhill Recycling recovering more scrap metal, the Claw Mag has reduced their operating costs and improved their return on investment. 

The Moley 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnet, our Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Scrap Magnet (ESA) / 24-Volt Battery Scrap Magnet (ESB) with two sets of claws, is a robust and heavy duty magnet ideally suited for  ferrous scrap recyclers and the demolition industry. Our 2-in-1 claw magnet tool solution helps industries because the Moley 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnet is quick coupler ready, has the ability to recover more iron faster and is a proven technology. View more on the 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnet (ESA & ESB).