As an industrial worker or decision maker, you need the right equipment to work at your highest efficiency. Various pieces of heavy equipment help workers do their job to the best of their ability, and one of the most important machines is a crane. Whether you’re a scrapyard or working on a jobsite, crane magnets––or lifting magnets––are among the most useful attachments. Keep reading to learn some considerations for choosing a crane magnet.

How you charge the magnet

There are two main types of industrial magnets: the first are permanent magnets, which are always on or are on/off. However, it’s important to note that you cannot deactivate magnetism. On the other hand we have electromagnets, which are on/off. Electromagnets allow you to deactivate magnetism with a switch. However, you will need an external power source that’s often powered by an additional power source.

The temperature and thickness of the material

You may need a stronger-grade magnet if you’re operating in extreme temperatures, whether very hot or cold. Extreme temperatures can have a significant impact on a magnet’s strength. You can determine the magnet’s strength by using a gauss meter. However, to keep your magnets from losing strength, you should refrain from leaving magnets in extreme temperatures for long periods of time.

If you primarily transport ferrous materials that are thick, you’ll need a stronger magnet in order to successfully move the object. However, if you primarily work with thinner materials, most general industrial magnets will work fine.

Purchase from a reliable supplier

Just like with any other business relationship, you want to work with someone who is trustworthy, and that goes for your suppliers too. Your supplier should put quality first and stand behind their work; it doesn’t matter how good the price is if you have to repair the magnet regularly. Instead, look for a supplier that has a proven track record and industry experience.

Whether you’ve been in the industrial field your entire life or you’re new to it all, there’s no question that quality equipment is important. In addition to your equipment, you also need high-quality attachments, motors, and so on. We hope these considerations for choosing a crane magnet guide you through your next purchase.

Here at Moley Magnetics, we’re a family-owned company that started as an engine repair shop. However, we’ve become one of the top crane magnet suppliers throughout the nation and Canada. We’d love to be your next reliable supplier, so contact us today for more information.