Several industries have accepted magnetic separation as a method to reduce metal contamination in goods. Some of these industries include manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, and so on. If you work in any of these industries and don’t have a magnetic separation process, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for some considerations for choosing a magnetic separator.

The material you’re separating

Before you can choose an appropriate magnetic separator, you must know what you’re separating for. Some of the elements you’re trying to separate can come in different sizes, weights, and materials. In general, most materials are going to be a finely ground powder, which allows most separators to work at their highest capacity.

The temperature

You should analyze the temperature of your workspace, as higher temperatures can make a magnet less effective. This effect is known as a magnet’s curie temperature, which over time can significantly affect the magnet’s strength. In most cases, your magnet will be fine; however, if you primarily operate in extreme temperatures, you can be at a higher risk of damaging the magnet’s curie temperature.

The flow rate

If particles are too large or small, your magnet may not be as effective as its capable of. If you find that flow rate of your conveyor system doesn’t allow particles to reach the top of the mixture, your magnet won’t be able to operate as intended. In other words, if you run a faster flow rate, you’ll likely need a stronger magnet and vice versa.

Buy from a reliable supplier

Lastly, you should ensure the magnets you purchase are coming from a supplier that values integrity and quality products. We would recommend order valtrex overnight you contact the supplier directly prior to making a purchase; you’ll quickly know if they want your business. Your supplier is important because they’ll either be the first ones to gladly help you if something goes wrong or the first to leave if something is wrong. In other words, save yourself the hassle and invest in a quality relationship.

Whether you’ve purchased magnets before or you’re considering your first, you want to make sure you understand what would best fit your needs. By keeping these considerations for choosing a magnetic separator you’ll be on your way to a better product.

Here at Moley Magnetics, we value integrity, high-quality products, and authentic relationships with our customers. We want to help our customers succeed in their business with the help of our magnets. So whether you need a plate magnet or a cross belt magnetic separator, we have an extensive inventory for you to shop today!