Demolition started on the original Wheatley High School in Houston’s Fifth Ward. However, a group that’s fighting to preserve the building claims it was misled by Houston Independent School District (HISD) and now there will be no more demolition until at least Sept. 9 or when the court rules on the petition filed Tuesday morning per a handwritten agreement signed by the coalition’s lawyer and HISD’s legal counsel. HISD says a new preliminary academy will be on the site of what’s now the EO Smith Education Center and the academy will incorporate some of the original architecture.

About Houston Independent School District (HISD)
The Houston Independent School District is committed to providing a high-quality education for every child, regardless of where they live or what school they choose to attend. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in rigorous academic courses designed to prepare them for college and meaningful careers. Recent data shows the number of HISD students earning college credit on Advanced Placement exams and posting top scores on the SAT college entrance exam has never been higher. In addition, the district’s graduation rate is at an all-time high.

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