225 Blighted Houses in Civic Park to be Demolished
(Civic Park Historic District)

Genesee County Land Bank announced that $2.6 million in federal funds would pay to demolish 225 blighted houses in Civic Park. Money for the work on 225 publicly owned properties in Civic Park is coming from the federal Hardest Hit Fund through the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. During the last 25 years, those houses have increasingly become abandoned. Back in 1916, The Civic Building Association built 133 houses on four hundred acres of farmland by December 1917. Then, Dupont Corporation, General Motors’ controlling shareholder, organized the Modern House Corporation and added 280 acres and constructed 950 homes in less than nine months. At the peak of construction, Dupont employed forty-six hundred people. Postwar house prices ranged from $3,500 to $8,000. A typical home had five or six rooms, a slate roof, an open porch and a basement. Curved streets, planned park areas and tree-lined boulevards added to the attractiveness of the community. So, removing blighted houses in Civic Park will support investments and create new opportunities for redevelopment.

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