Demolition of Early Marilyn Monroe House in Valley Village

The council unanimously approved a condo project for the site last month, and they regularly unanimously approve development projects based on the preference of the areas city council member SVV (Save Valley Village) says that practice is illegal, and flouts state laws that ban trading votes and require decisions to be made publicly, says the LA Times. Save Valley Village wants to reverse the City Councils approval for the condos, have all the permits revoked, and prevent the project from getting any more. Read entire article:

About Save Valley Village
We are just your neighbors — walking our dogs, living our lives, saying hello when we see you. We very much enjoy our neighborhood. We also very much enjoy knowing where it came from and being reminded of the people and the work that went into each and every building –characteristics unique to Valley Village that, when removed, are no longer part of what makes Valley Village, Valley Village.   Learn more at