Companies that use excavator scrap magnets in their day-to-day operations know just how useful they really are. Without excavator scrap magnets, the efficiency and productivity of companies would decrease, thus plummeting their revenue. What many companies forget about, however, is how their magnets are being powered. The majority of modern magnets are electric because they use energy efficiently, they’re customizable, and versatile. That said, you need to power the magnet somehow, right? The engine often powers magnets that attach directly to heavy machinery such as a crane or excavator; though not always. What’s even more common is separate magnet generators.

There are a few reasons so many companies use a different magnet generator system, but the primary reason is reliability. While relying on another machine’s engine is common, it comes with its own set of issues. First, the engine is already powering the machine, so it’s already experiencing heavy use. Second, because it’s powering the machine, you have limited power available, which could make the magnet weaker than it actually is. To get the most out of your magnets, you should have a designated magnet generator. If you’re searching for more information about the different types of magnet generator systems, we’ve got you covered. Our experts break down four primary magnet generator systems in our detailed guide below; read on to learn more.

Hydraulic Generators

With their compact and lightweight design, hydraulic generators are popular among many companies. Moley Magnetics makes an exceptional GEID hydraulic generator system. You can order our hydraulic system in 12V or 24V. Additionally, the hydraulic motor is a DC motor, making it much easier to maintain and repair if necessary. Many companies prefer hydraulic generators merely for the purpose of fuel efficiency. In addition to the GEID generator, we also offer our MagStar hydraulic magnet generator system. Our customers find immense value in the MagStar hydraulic generator because it’s maintenance-free, powerful, and extremely reliable. We also equipped the MagStar hydraulic generator with housing that produces minimal noise.

Diesel Generators

Compared to our previously mentioned generator, diesel generators don’t have quite as good fuel efficiency but they are more powerful. In fact, because of the exceptional performance of diesel driven generators, many companies struggle with looking elsewhere. The good news is you can certainly find a diesel generator with excellent fuel economy if you work with the right supplier. At Moley Magnetics, our MagStar diesel generator system is unsurpassed in the market for a few reasons. First, we take fuel economy seriously, which is why we made sure our generator met all the North American emission standards. We also ensure high performance from our generators by enhancing them to provide peak cooling efficacy. In other words, you can depend on a diesel generator from Moley Magnetics.

Magnetic Generators

Although there are more innovative options available, some companies still use a magnet generator because they’re reliable. Magnetic generators consist of a series of permanent magnets and coils which begin operating after an external power source provides electricity. Typically, the external source is a battery but some newer generators utilize solar panels. Once the coils receive their electric charge, the external source is no longer needed. Going forward, the magnetic generator essentially powers itself by circulating the electric currents through the coils. While magnetic generators sound relatively simple, their construction is rather complex. In fact, you’ll almost always need a professional service to perform repairs and maintenance because of its complexity.

Induction Generators

You may have heard of induction generators as they’re very common and versatile. In general, an induction generator operates with the aid of induction motors. An induction motor is a type of AC motor with turning rotors. Specifically, the rotors will turn faster than synchronous speed. While induction generators and other AC-driven generators are available, they aren’t quite as common. AC induction motors aren’t ideal for generators, primarily because they aren’t as powerful as many alternatives. For instance, induction generators are most common in small power plants or wind turbines, but you should note that they aren’t suitable for everything.

Various DC Generators

In case you haven’t noticed, most companies and applications will benefit from a direct-current generator. Similar to an induction generator, a DC generator consists of rotating components that provide power to the generator. As the components rotate, the coils become electrically charged. You should note that some DC generators also require an external power source for the initial charge, but most generators will have a built-in external source. You should also make note that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of variations of DC-driven generators. Because there are so many variations, you should communicate your needs to the supplier to ensure you’re getting a generator that’s suitable for your application.

In addition to the different types of magnet generator systems mentioned above, there are several other generator systems. That said, the systems we discussed are certainly the most common and versatile. Your company will certainly find what you need in one of the mentioned generator systems, but as we said, you must communicate with the supplier. The supplier doesn’t know what you’re using the generator for or how much power you need. On the flip side, you might not know what you need either; that’s why it’s imperative that you choose a great supplier. A great supplier will ask the right questions and have integrity when selling you a generator; they won’t merely try to make an easy sale off of you.

If you need an exceptional partner, look no further than Moley Magnetics. Our family-owned business has extensive experience in providing excellent customer service and products. We have products to suit your needs whether you work in the railroad, construction, scrap metal, recycling, or the manufacturing industry. Whether you need a fully enclosed hydraulic magnet, magnetic separators, AC and DC motors, or generators; we’ve got it all, but we don’t stop there. We also offer exceptional repair services for motors, magnets, grapples, and pumps. In fact, our company began as a motor repair shop and we haven’t let go of our roots; we’ve merely grown into a reputable supplier as well. Give us a call if you’d like to request pricing, have questions, or need some guidance. Everyone on our team is ready and able to help—we look forward to working with you.

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Different Types of Magnet Generator Systems