The backside of Sleeping Beauty Castle is hidden behind a large scrim with a photo that is actually of the castle’s front side. MARK EADES, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER – STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle looks a bit odd. The theme park still wants guests to see the castle and the clock-themed attraction with the unforgettable song, so both structures are shielded from view – by massive reproductions. Sleeping Beauty Castle, being done up with new paint and faux diamonds for this summer’s 60th anniversary, is mostly hidden with 4,500 square feet of thin-gauze fabric – adorned with a fancy sketch of the castle in the front, and a photo of the castle on the backside. “We don’t want guests to see all the work behind there.” The original Sleeping Beauty Castle sketch, albeit much smaller, was done by Herb Ryman and used to sell the building’s concept to sponsors in 1954. On Tuesday, Diane Vitzthum, 55, of Puyallup, Wash., was disappointed she and her family couldn’t go inside the castle. She added that the printed scrim was really cool, and learned from a sign on the castle gate about how Ryman had sketched the artwork. “I learned something new.” Jennifer Delmar, 34, of Sacramento, loved the printed castle overlay, too.

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