Down Stroke Balers Added to the Moley Equipment Line

A Compact Baler for Reducing Volume and Size.


BUFFALO, NY | June 3, 2016 – Moley Magnetics, Inc. ( ) is proud to introduce Down Stroke Balers. Moley Down Stroke Balers reduce volume and size, add value to your sales and include revolutionary features.

Balers that are purchased with a specific purpose in mind and properly utilized always yield great paybacks. Tremendous streamlining and efficiency benefits (aside from recycling benefits) can be derived by baling and compacting waste. Reducing loose waste to cubes allows for the maximizing shipping costs.

Vertical compacting balers are the ideal solution whenever it’s necessary to reduce the volume and size of paper, cardboard, plastics, various packaging, PE and PET bottles. Moley Magnetics, Inc. Down Stroke Balers’ are standardly equipped with a tying and ejection system. Also, manual compaction cycle models can be fitted for automatic compaction cycling.

Suitable Compaction Of:
• Packaging
• Paper and Cardboard
• Plastic
• PE and PET bottles
• Aluminum Cans
• Tires
• Bumpers from Scrap Vehicles
• Tanks from Scrap Vehicles

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The Moley Magnetics, Inc. Electrical Services & Sales Division is dedicated to motor, pump, generator, and gearbox repairs, as well a proud distributor of great brand names in motors, gear reducers, VFD drives, pumps and control products.  The division also has specialty services of custom fabrication, machining, VFD programming and panel building, along with the ability to have our trained professionals accompany your business for on-site, dependable solutions and repairs.


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