Shopping for industrial equipment can give you a nasty case of sticker shock. To be sure, nobody expects bargain-basement prices for new and necessary machinery—after all, we’re talking about the tools we use to construct and demolish buildings and infrastructure. You’re not going to get that job done with whatever’s lying around the garage.

Among everything else for sale, industrial scrap magnets can seem like a considerable cash outlay, especially at a time when austerity is the watchword of the private sector. But the axiom that one must spend money to make money is true at any time. We’ll show you how an industrial scrap magnet will practically pay for itself once it makes its way to your workplace.

Magnetic Hands Make Light Work

Advances in technology don’t have to replace human labor—they simply reallocate that labor to areas where they’re better suited. Using scrap yard magnets to do heavy lifting that people had been doing allows them to handle other, more small-scale tasks. By turning more of your labor over to industrial scrap magnets, you can reduce the risk of injuries by keeping laborers out of harm’s way. Fewer workplace injuries means less money lost—and for that, you’ll have a magnet to thank.

Easier Recycling

When you’re demolishing a building, you’ll come across a lot of metal. Most of that metal will be iron and steel, but along the way, you’re also likely to find lead, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze. With a flip of the switch, your industrial scrap magnet will be able to hoist up the naturally magnetic metals and alloys for easy sorting, leaving behind non-ferrous metals (metals than contain no iron) that pay off big with recyclers. Even the low per-pound returns on steel add up in high enough volume. By helping to sort metals for recycling and encouraging crews to bring pre-sorted scrap, an industrial scrap magnet will practically pay for itself, opening a new revenue stream for businesses.

Save Money on Magnets With Moley

Even though you’ll pay the costs upfront, an industrial scrap magnet can be a worthy long-term investment that leaves you coming out ahead. Moley Magnetics understands how sticker shock affects small businesses and that that fear of big-ticket purchases can lead to shortsighted decisions. That’s why, if you’re looking for a scrap yard magnet or any of our electromagnetic equipment, we put away the retail prices and work with you to determine a fair deal. Consider it our form of shock absorption.