When it comes to lifting magnets, the toughest of the tough are cut out for a specific task—that of industrial scrap handling. An industrial scrap handling magnet boasts durable construction that stands up to the bumps and bruises of dealing with scrap. It features a wide surface area of at least 30 inches to lift large pieces with ease. The lifting capacity of the excavator scrap magnet is strong enough to pull the heaviest scrap in the yard.

Many people believe that such heavy hitters are indestructible machines. That’s not the case. Even industrial scrap handling magnets have their vulnerabilities, and proper care is just as important here as it is for any equipment. To get the most from your magnets, Moley Magnetics has compiled some tips for how to maintain your industrial scrap handling magnets when they’re not in use. To be sure, the march of time will wear down any industrial magnet, but you can slow down that march considerably with these tips for responsible ownership.

Keep Them Dry

Water will corrode the iron in an electromagnet, turning iron to rust and making the magnet less effective at handling scrap. Given how heavy some scrap is, diminished capacity can be the difference between whether a piece of metal makes it off the ground. Store your magnets in a dry place where moisture can’t accumulate. Leaving magnets close to the floor can trap moisture in the air, where it condenses and settles on the magnet’s surface. Keep magnets elevated in storage to avoid this.

Keep Them Cool

Electromagnets are a bit like Goldilocks: they don’t like when conditions are too hot or too cold. While neither extreme is beneficial, don’t make the mistake of believing they’re harmful in equal measure—high heat is far more detrimental to an electromagnet, quickly causing it to lose its strength. Don’t store your magnets in a space where they might be subject to long-term triple-digit heat. High temperatures over a long period could permanently demagnetize the equipment.

Make a Maintenance Checklist

Knowing how to maintain your industrial scrap handling magnets goes beyond caring for the magnetic component itself. Your lifting or excavator scrap magnet also includes leads, chains, and other important parts that play a role in its continued operation. A failing chain could break and send a magnet tumbling to the ground from a great height—and that means a great loss. Cracks anywhere in the unit could worsen and lead to disaster. Intercept those small problems before they become big ones by developing a comprehensive maintenance checklist for your magnets. Being as important as they are to your scrap yard’s operations, it’s a worthwhile investment of time and energy.


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