Ice House Faces Demolition

Cars drive by the old Ice House on Broadway on May 21. Owner Mark Stevenson bought the property in 1980, but now a proposed CVS would require the demolition of the building.
Water lines run across the ceiling.

Johnathan Stevenson remembers going to the old Ice House on Broadway after his father bought the property in 1980, playing hide and seek in the building and practicing with his metal band after school in the basement. A CVS pharmacy proposed for the site would require demolition of the Ice House, 320 E. Broadway. The Ice House still houses artifacts from its time as an ice business: ice saws, water pumps, giant ice bins and ice notes that customers left outside their homes indicating how much ice they wanted. Plans for downtown gateway art and landscaping installations at Providence Road and Broadway make use of the Ice House parking lot, but Russ Volmert,director of planning for the urban design firm Arcturis, indicated that those plans do not involve the Ice House itself. After Stevensons father, Mark Stevenson, purchased the Ice House, he began work to get it up to fire and safety codes with plans to lease the building to local businesses.

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