Eveline Murray and her husband Hugh began Galway Traders on St. Patrick’s Day in 1983. (Photo by Lindsey Boisvin)

The Irish import shop doesn’t limit itself to selling: it’s also a resource center for Seattle’s Irish community. This past fall, Eileen Kilgren and Eveline Murray, the sole employees of Galway Traders, learned a new housing complex would replace their 103-year-old treasure. Eventually Eveline Murray bought the house with her husband Hugh and another local couple, and filled the place with imported Irish goods. John Keane, treasurer of the Irish Heritage Club, has been watching the Irish community change as well. She answers questions about Irish pronunciation, and where to hunt down the best Irish dance classes. Now, The demolition date isn’t set in stone, but the deadline looms in the back of Kilgren’s mind. The demolition of the house is inevitable, but there is hope for the imports business that currently resides there.