ISRI DOT Self-Audit Checklist

Purpose and Scope: Being in compliance with this self-audit checklist does not mean
that a motor carrier or an individual driver is exempt from monetary fines and penalties.
The purpose of this self-audit is to identify opportunities where management can
improve a motor carrier’s overall safety performance and safety management controls.
This self-audit checklist is comprised of six components:

1. General Responsibilities
2. Driver Responsibilities
3. Operational Responsibilities
4. Vehicle Responsibilities
5. Hazardous Material Responsibilities
6. Crash Responsibilities.
Read through the checklist items to determine if you have a policy or management
controls in place that addresses these responsibilities. As a best practice, we
recommend that you perform the audit in portions, over a two to three day period, and
that you conduct a self-audit annually


View the ISRI DOT Self-Audit Checklist: