ISRI2018: New ingredients in the ferrous scrap mix

Making iron from raw materials may be one of the worlds longest-running manufacturing sectors, but the foundry industry in the last several decades has been infused with impressive amounts of change, according to Brett Fisher, a vice president with Wisconsin-based Neenah Foundry.

Another change during that same time has been an expansion in the types of gray and ductile iron produced by the foundry sector, with each new type of iron representing a different mixture of metallic alloys.

Ductile iron was not invented until 1949, and for many years after that, Fisher said, There used to be two types of gray iron and three kinds of ductile iron.

Now, said Fisher, with iron users such as automakers seeking higher strength or lighter weight types of metal, there are 10 types of gray iron and about 50 types of ductile iron on the market and entering scrap yards.

All have different chemical requirements it has changed the landscape from the process standpoint, he said, noting that melt shop managers at foundries will have different scrap specifications depending on the type of iron being produced in that batch.


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