Magnetorheological finishing (MRF) technology is especially helpful in sorting out various materials, which helps cut down on the waste we pour into the environment. In order to do this, multiple pieces of equipment are necessary; we’ll cover all the material handling equipment essentials for your MRF here.

Loading and Sorting Equipment

As far as loading goes, almost all experts in this industry use front-end loaders because they scoop up the material and pour it on the conveyor lines so that the equipment can begin sorting it. To keep this process moving, you’ll also need conveyor lines that connect to the rest of the system.

The MRF technology will:

  • Remove contaminants
  • Separate the various materials
  • Use magnets to separate metals
  • Wash materials

Certain materials such as glass and plastic are also crushed to break them down. By the end of the process, the technology compacts the material into a cube shape to make recycling more efficient.

Pro Tip

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Storage Equipment

When it comes to handling materials, you’ll also need to store the material on racks and stacking frames to keep your business in order. With the appropriate storage and handling systems in place, you can keep the work more efficient. Many professionals recommend storing on pallets so that you can easily move large amounts later.

Loading Out Equipment

When the time comes to remove this compacted material from storage, you’ll need the appropriate tools to move it. This includes forklifts and material handler grapples that allow you to clamp down on and lift the now compacted material.

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