It took more than two years to build the Metrodome; it took considerably less time to tear it down. Some of the wall foundations are going in, in what used to be the east parking lot.  The original demolition plan didn’t include the use of explosives, but last week crews decided it would be the best option. The explosive demolition went off without a hitch, according to Mortenson Construction vice president John Wood. The blast was meant to bring down only the upper ring of the structure, after an expected collapse as that was being demolished last week. “It was a complete success. It is laying on the ground,” Wood said. “That was mission accomplished… It went exactly as planned.” At the same time the Dome comes down, construction on the new stadium is well underway. The arena, under demolition, is making way for a new and presumably much better facility, scheduled to open in July 2016. Read entire article at