JCB actively engages with scale model collectors, and last fall had a press event to unveil its 1977 JCB 3C Mark III backhoe model.

Model Mania | Exploring the World of Construction Scale Models

Model Mania explores the world of construction scale model collecting and delves into why so many people have a passionate interest in these big iron replicas.

A big percentage of collectors are either employed directly in or are in some way connected to the heavy equipment industry,” says Daris Stratton, president of Stratton Systems. “Almost all machine operators want a model of the machines they spend their days operating. There’s also a fair amount of cross over from model railroaders, and those who collect trucking and agriculture models. And although some will begin collecting in their teens, the most serious collectors are in their 30s or older with more discretionary income.”

Collectors will usually focus on collecting a certain scale or type of equipment, such as cranes and trucks or earthmoving. “Every collection is different, depending on what the collector is interested in,” says Brandon Lewis with Buffalo Road Imports. “There are still a few out there who try to get everything.”