Moley Alligator Shears: Mobile, Adjustable & Powerful.

Exclusive bolt supporting system that optimizes the cutting process.

BUFFALO, NY | APRIL 23, 2014 – Alligator shears play an important role for metal recyclers by cutting things down to size – literally – enabling shredders to handle oversized materials that would otherwise be difficult or sometimes impossible to digest. They also allow the recycler to “clean” or prepare scrap for shredding by removing unwanted fittings or other parts the shredder may not accept. This adds value to the scrap and improves the quality of the finished frag.

Moley Magnetics, Inc. introduces mobile, adjustable and powerful Moley Alligator Shears. Moley Alligator Shears have adjustable blade distance and an adjustable set screw to support the blade. A constant power piston pump on the Moley Alligator Shears optimizes all work stages and remarkably minimizes the power of the electric motor. The electric motor and the pump are found outside the tank. In this way, there is more oil available while oil heating is reduced. So, maintenance becomes considerably easier and simpler. Moley Alligator Shears have cylinders with brake and chrome-plated and tempered rods. In addition, the gaskets used have been devised specifically for high speeds and pressures, the best on the market today for the hydraulic cylinders we use on our applications.

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