The Electrical Services & Sales and Attachments & Equipment Divisions Get New Home

BUFFALO, NY | May 10, 2016 – Moley Magnetics, Inc. ( ) is proud to announce that the moving into 5202 Commerce Drive has taken place.  Officially, we can inform our customers and our vendors that we will now operate out of the new corporate facility that we’ve been talking about for months!

It was a very busy and proud weekend leading up to Monday, May 9, 2016, which was the first day that all divisions and offices of Moley Magnetics, Inc. began operating from our new corporate headquarters.  The vision of Moley Magnetics, Inc., which came from the humble beginnings of a dedicate and legendary machine shop, is now encased in a professional 52,000 square foot machine shop, distribution facility and corporate offices.  This is the new house that “Moley” built—for sure.

As exciting as this all is for all of us here, this is just the monumental first step toward the continuing progress and vision that is “The Moley Way” (hashtag #themoleyway for those of you following us in the social media realms).  We are even more excited about the future and all that we can bring now to our customers with the new facility and space.

We are formulating an open house date in the very near future, and you can be very sure we will shout it formally from the social medial mountain tops and in printed press!  Until then, you know where we are…now.  We look forward to hearing from you, and if fortunate enough, give you the corporate tour.

5202 Commerce Drive, Lockport, NY  14094

Moley Magnetics, Inc. Attachments & Equipment Division is a manufacturer, supplier and service company that offers a versatile, trouble-free line of magnets, shears, grapples, granulators, track pads, buckets, and more… as well as specialty services such as rebuilding, fabrication and maintenance for the industries of scrap, demolition, railroad, recycling and distribution under their Attachments & Equipment Division.

The Moley Magnetics, Inc. legendary Electrical Services & Sales Division is dedicated to motor, pump, generator, and gearbox repairs, as well a proud distributor of great brand names in motors, gear reducers, VFD drives, pumps and control products.  The division also has specialty services of custom fabrication, machining, VFD programming and panel building, along with the ability to have our trained professionals accompany your business for on-site, dependable solutions and repairs.


Moley Magnetics, Inc.
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