Motivated By Moley: I Feel Like An Oscar Winner

It is the end of my second week at Moley Magnetics, Inc.  As I sit down to write this article (quickly) I feel that I must first start off like an Oscar winner, thanking those that have put me in this position; Ron Slaby, John Moley, and Nick Moley for inviting me into their hard working, talented family.  It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with such a strong brand in company and in people.   To my father, Dennis Kuligowski, who took the time and careful consideration to introduced us all–which is that networking thing we all hear so much about—but very few practice.

Moley Magnetics, Inc. is an extremely diverse company, ranging from the industrial attachments (magnets, shears, grapples, buckets, and excavator track pads) to processing equipment (granulators, pre-shredders, wire strippers) to the motor shop that handles generator, motor, gear box repairs and pumps (on and off site).  And, that’s just the broad strokes.  They are not only a marketer’s dream in strategy development, sales avenues, and customer service satisfaction, but they represent a powerful and personal brand that touches every department and employee, which makes for great social awareness…”attaching” themselves to the industries they represent and the individuals they meet and workers that make it all happen.

There’s a move on the horizon that’s not only about the “new facility” in April; it’s about the rise of a strong, sincere brand. Look for us at Moley Magnetics, Inc. to continue our relentless pursuit of spreading the message about our TROUBLE-FREE ATTACHMENTS.  Get ready for marketing that goes beyond the cost of the products and services — into the customization and dedication behind it all.  Brace yourself for developed discussions, aggressive commentary, and passionate pontifications from professional, experienced talent with hundreds of years behind the trades and products we touch.

It has not taken me long to “attach” myself to the core of what makes Moley Magnetics, Inc an important, dynamic manufacturer ● supplier ● repair ● service company.  And, I’m positive that everyone here, from me (starting two weeks ago)—to those that have been here since conception—to every customer we’ve serviced, believes that this is one motivated family.

Join me, Mark Kuligowsk, Director of Marketing for “Motivated by Moley”
The first week of every month, pontificating, educating, realizing, contemplating and…just getting it out there!

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