News around the World: Germany

In its most recent “Copper Mail” write-up, Aurubis says the value of copper reached a “multiyear high” in August 2017 and adds, “Since nothing sensational occurred on the copper market in the past four weeks, investors’ new-found interest can likely be attributed to expectations.” In terms of market fundamentals, the copper producer says speculators are foreseeing “good demand [in the face of] inadequate production.” Aurubis also points to the weak U.S.

Aurubis comments that China’s government is indicating “there are supposed to be three regulation lists – ‘forbidden,’ ‘limited’ and ‘permissible’ – for [scrap grades] that are affected by possible import bans or restrictions.” These lists will be applied to grades “for which additional treatment or disassembly before processing in a smelting furnace is required, or for which the copper content is relatively low.” Aurubis continues, “In the copper sector, materials with customs tariff codes (HS Code) in Group 7, such as cable, wire scrap and motors, are expected to be on the ‘limited’ list.” Grades such as No.

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