Construction crews on NYC’s Governor’s Island have unearthed a military railroad relic.

Construction crews in New York City find a railroad artifact from the early 1900s. An archbar, a kind of freight car wheel, was discovered on Governor’s Island. It dates back to when the 172-acre island was an important military installation with its own railroad.

An archbar is a type of freight car truck common in the early 1900s, says Robert Holzweiss, president of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society. Simply put, they’re the wheels the boxcar sits on. The Association of American Railroads banned the design, which was outdated and required a lot of maintenance, from interchange (railroad to railroad) service in 1939.

Island officials plan to do more research and find a place to display the relic. Why the archbar was sitting underground on the island for nearly a century, we may never know.

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