OSHA launches updated website, training resources for construction demolition industry; OSHA Takes Steps to Eliminate Demolition Fatalities.

In one June 2014 case, a construction worker in New Jersey was trapped and killed when the last standing wall of the building he was demolishing collapsed on top of him. Six months earlier, a 25-year-old construction worker in Chicago was struck and killed by pieces of falling concrete while conducting renovations on a shopping mall. And in June 2013, a four-story building undergoing demolition in Philadelphia collapsed, killing six people and injuring 14.

OSHA says these and other tragedies could have been prevented. The agency has produced a new web page and training materials to help employers take necessary steps to keep their workers from harm.

OSHA recently launched an updated demolition website to address the hazards common in demolition operations and the safety measures that can be taken to prevent them. The updated Demolition page provides information on applicable OSHA standards, hazard assessments, measures that can be taken to prevent injuries and illnesses before site work begins, and a link for stakeholders to share stories about demolition safety.

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OSHA Demolition Page: https://www.osha.gov/doc/topics/demolition/index.html