Perrysburg Boat Club Building Demolition

Workers from Klumm Excavating and Demolition in Holland demolish the Perrysburg Boat Club today in Perrysburg.

Perrysburg Boat Club Building Demolition | When demolition of the Perrysburg Boat Club building began early today, local historian Richard Baranowski arrived to take photos of crews at work. He took photos and talked to fellow residents who watched the building, which was the Perrysburgs Waterworks Building before the boat club moved into it in 1936, come down early today. Officials from the city and the boat club that leases the building debated its fate for months after a Wood County inspector declared it unsafe last summer. The boat club requested Perrysburg sell the building to the club or sign a rental agreement in which the club would assume liability for the aging structure, but no deal could be reached. The city should have the same standard as us, Mr. Anspach said about residents in Historic

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