Excavator Track Pads

Moley Magnetics, Inc. is a proud distributor of Cushotrac® Polyurethane and Rubber Excavator Track Pads.

Cushotrac® Excavator Track Pads eliminate grouser wear, eliminate surface damage, reduce noise and increase traction.

Cushotrac® Rubber and polyurethane Excavator Track Pads are designed for all types of crawler equipment: cranes,dozers, excavators, grinders, milling machines, pavers, planers, and trenchers.

Cushotrac® Patent Pending Clamp On™, bolt to link, bolt to plate, mold-on and bolt to grouser. Moley can obtain prints and molds for virtually every make and model of tracked equipment in the field.

Product description

Key Benefits:

• 100% Work life guarantee.
• Maximum cut, tear, and abrasion resistant rubber and polyurethane raw materials.
• Mechanical bond complements chemical adhesion for guaranteed lifetime work life of Cushotrac® track pads.
• Grouser shoe exchange for mold-on Cushotrac® track pads.
• Specialty compounds include wire impregnated rubber for severe application and 85A & 95A durometer(hardness) polyurethanes.
• Cushotrac® track pads are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Contact, call (844) 662-4638 or e-mail us at sales@moleyinc.com for questions or further inquiry about our Excavator Track Pads (Polyurethane & Rubber).