E-Sorting electrostatic separation systems, downstream of PCB, PCB Line recycling machines, allow recovering even the finest fractions of precious materials present in the process:

  • Small ferrous components
  • Metals (copper, aluminum, tin, etc.), precious metals
  • Plastic fraction

Product description

Stokkermill has developed a series of compact machines (PCB Compact) and recycling lines (PCB LINE) which are easy to use and maintain, to enable the recycling of electrical cards, electronic boards, printed circuit boards and motherboards (PCB’s – Printed Circuit Board).

The solutions proposed by Stokkermill allow, through granulation and separation activities, to enhance the incoming product by recovering the metals, including those with the highest commercial value, separating them from the inert part.


The accurate design of the machines allows to drastically reduce the loss of precious metals, making the recycling activity profitable and attractive even for small-medium sized operators.

Power37 kW70 kW96 kW
Input Production200 - 300 kg/h300 - 400 kg/h400 - 500 kg/h
Weight2250 kg4500 kg4750 kg
Dimensions1300x1700x1600 mm4550x1760x2890 mm4550x1760x2890 mm