Railroad Battery Magnets 12/24V (ESB)

An updated model designed specifically to meet Railroad requirements.

Moley Magnetics’ “Battery Magnets” are a popular choice for the rail industry as they are specialized magnet designed specifically to meet railroad requirements. Battery Magnets 12/24V (ESB) allow for more efficient and less expensive recovery of OTM. Battery Magnets 12/24V (ESB) taps the electric energy power supplied by the batteries of the excavator, loader, speed-swing or other equipment to which it’s attached.

• No Generator Needed
• Sizes Available: 18″, 26″, 32″, 36″, 40″
• 12 or 24V Battery Operated
• Heavy Duty Steel Enclosure

Product description

Moley Magnetics battery-powered railway track construction equipment and magnets are especially designed to meet the specific requirements for the rail. These specialized magnets have gained popularity in the rail sector for their efficiency and effectiveness in handling track materials.

The 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets from Moley Magnetics are specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of the railroad industry.  They provide efficient and reliable OTM (other track material) handling solutions. These battery-operated magnets offer versatility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.  Moley battery magnets are a valuable asset in rail yards, construction sites, and maintenance facilities.


The key feature of the 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets is their ability to operate without the need for an external power source like a generator. They leverage the electric energy supplied by 12 or 24-volt batteries.  This ensures consistent and reliable power supply for lifting and transporting materials. Moley’s innovative design eliminates the reliance on additional equipment, simplifies the setup process, and allows for greater mobility and flexibility in railroad operations.


The choice between 12, 24, 12/24 volt operation depends on specific requirements and equipment compatibility. Regardless of the voltage, the 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets deliver efficient and powerful performance.  The efficient power facilitates seamless material handling in various railway applications. Whether you need to lift rail components, rail plates, or other ferrous materials, these magnets provide reliable and precise operation.

Moley Magnetics offers a range of sizes for the 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets, ensuring compatibility with various material handling needs. Sizes typically range from 18 inches to 40 inches.  This allows for customization and optimization of magnet performance. Flexibility enables efficient handling of both smaller and larger materials, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency in rail yard operations.


The heavy-duty steel enclosure of the 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets ensures durability and protection for the internal components. This tough construction allows the magnets to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions of the railroad industry. The steel enclosure safeguards the magnets against potential damage from impacts, debris, and wear, providing long-lasting performance and reliability in rail yard operations.

In addition to their durability and versatility, the 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets offer several advantages over traditional magnet systems. By eliminating the need for an external generator, they reduce equipment costs, fuel consumption, and maintenance requirements. This results in significant cost savings and a more environmentally friendly operation. The battery-operated system also enhances safety by eliminating the risks associated with generator use.

The 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets find application in various railroad tasks, including loading and unloading rail components, sorting and organizing materials, and maintaining rail infrastructure. They efficiently handle a wide range of materials, such as rail plates, rail spikes, and other ferrous items commonly found in rail yard operations. These magnets streamline material handling processes, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall operational performance.

Moley Magnetics’ 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets are a reliable and efficient solution for the railroad industry’s material handling needs. The battery-operated design, versatility in size options, and durable construction make them the preference  for optimizing productivity and reducing costs in rail yard operations. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and high performance of Moley Magnetics’ 12/24V Railroad Battery Magnets and elevate your material handling processes in the railroad industry.

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