Railroad Battery Magnets 12/24V (ESB)

An updated model designed specifically to meet Railroad requirements.

Moley Magnetics’ “Battery Magnets” are a popular choice for the rail industry as they are specialized magnet designed specifically to meet railroad requirements. Battery Magnets 12/24V (ESB) allow for more efficient and less expensive recovery of OTM. Battery Magnets 12/24V (ESB) taps the electric energy power supplied by the batteries of the excavator, loader, speed-swing or other equipment to which it’s attached.

• No Generator Needed
• Sizes Available: 18″, 26″, 32″, 36″, 40″
• 12 or 24V Battery Operated
• Heavy Duty Steel Enclosure

The Electric Division at Moley Magnetics will be at the WNY Facilities Management & Maintenance Expo on Wednesday, October 20. Stop by Booth #700 and check us out!

For more info or tickets to the show, please contact us at info@moleyinc.com